Optima Additive Manufacturing Suite



Material Properties Module

In this module, AM material properties can be visualized and analyzed using ML statistical models and built-in material libraries inside the Optima AM Suite. Utilizing basic additive manufacturing input, e.g. "AM Material Type" and "AM Mfg. Parameters", Optima AM Suite will conduct ML based modeling and analysis to predict the statistical properties of the final AM material. Optima AM Suite utilizes its built-in AM Material Database and ML techniques to provide statistical values for

1- Defect Size Distribution 

2- Defect Shape Distribution

3- Young Modulus Distribution

4- Failure Strength Distribution

5- Stress Strain Curves

6- Fatigue Statistical Data

Optima AM Suite material database constitutes a comprehensive material library gathered from the literature with proper referencing to the source of data.

Optima AM Suite ML models provide a user-friendly interface to interact with the data with minimum coding or ML background. 


3D Part Performance Module

In this module, the performance of a 3D printed AM part can be investigated.

The statistical AM material properties, predicted in "Material Properties Module", is utilized to predict ther performance of a 3D AM part subjected to various loading conditions. The user will provide the CAD model, and information about boundary conditions, loadings, and specific AM process parameters, such as Nozzle speed, Temperature, etc.

Detailed AM process parameters, such as localized temperature history, time dependencies, pressure history, etc. will be computed for each integration point. Optima AM Suite will then utilizes its built-in ML capabilities to correlate the process parameters at each integration point to specific AM material properties. The output of this analysis will inform the design about defect density, defect size, critical locations with high probability of failure.